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The Phoenix Network is a team based, brain health rehabilitation service provider with expertise in working with individuals
who have experienced a brain injury as a result of
impact or organic trauma, traumatic stress or toxic exposure.

Through a collaborative clinical approach, our goal is to empower the client to experience a restoration of brain health/equilibrium and to maximize functional independence within the new parameters of their brain injury.


For the past 25 years, The Phoenix Network’s team of accredited health care professionals have successfully created a continuum of project driven, residential inpatient and community based outpatient treatment options that are uniquely tailored to the individual client’s needs and

their movement towards community reintegration.


The Phoenix Network’s project driven rehabilitation programs facilitate the client’s individual success in their recovery, emphasizing family involvement, as appropriate, and
anchored in attainable, measurable, treatment outcomes
with a clear beginning, middle and end.


Offered to clients at our community-based clinic, this setting provides clients with individualized treatment provided by our team of accredited health care professionals.

Through participation in brain health programs, clients are empowered to focus on the vitality of their lives and ongoing community reintegration by setting attainable outcomes aiding in the restoration of their cognitive, physical and emotional well-being, post injury.

Outpatient Rehabilitation
Supported Independent and Satellite Living

Our clinically supervised Supported Independent Living (SIL) programs are available to clients who require inpatient treatment of a short term nature, as well as long term living for those unable to live independently.

For the more autonomous client, the option of residing in our Satellite Program offers regular assistance designed to enhance independence and to promote quality of life.

Both our SIL and Satellite Programs are supported by our team of Neurobehavioural Life Skills Counsellors.

Functional Activity  Workshops 

Our Functional Activity Workshops are the perfect example of what it means to participate in Project Driven Rehabilitation. These ‘hands on’, professionally supervised workshops encourage creativity, social interaction and identity building. Therapeutically, Functional Activity Workshops are a clinical building block designed to enhance recovery from the executive, functional and physical effects experienced after an injury. Each project provides the client with tangible and meaningful work products as the result of functional activities with a defined beginning, middle and end.

Our Programs and Services

Post Traumatic Stress

​​Canadian Mental Health Association

Understanding how to live with Post Traumatic Stress.

Links to
Helpful Resources
​Brain Injury Library

​​The Brain Injury Resource Center is the place to find links to information on brain injury. 


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