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Welcome to The Phoenix Family

The Phoenix Network is a collection of caring and experienced rehabilitation professionals with an expertise in aquired brain injury.


For over 25 years we have been providing caring inpatient and outpatient project driven aquired brain injury rehabilitation in the National Capital region.


Our collaborative approach to recovery centers on the client, emphasizes family involvement and is anchored in attainable, measurable outcomes with a clearly defined beginning, middle and end.


We are committed to empowering our clients to experience a restoration of brain health and to maximize functional independence within the new parameters of their aquired brain injury.

Our Team

Our History

The Phoenix Network began in 1990 as the shared vision of its two founders, Dr. Pierre Turgeon and Glennis Easey.  Committed to creating a caring therapeutic environment where the brain injured client's needs were at the core of all activities, their charter mission statement still drives the company's passion for service and innovation a quarter-century later:


Dr. Turgeon's vision drives the team toiday -

"Everything we do will be centered on the needs of the client.  Addressing these needs in a caring, professionally comprehensive, team based manner, and responding to these needs as they unfold, will be the reason we exist as an organization.

If innovation is what is required we will find ways to innovate. If Treatment Plan A does not work, we will create Treatment Plan B.  Being of service to our clients, will be what we do as professionals, above all. The enjoyment experienced in what ensues will provide life, vitality and movement for client and staff alike within our walls. Our organization will be a place where people, clients and staff, find meaning, purpose and enjoyment in the projects they undertake together within The Phoenix Network community."

Dr. Pierre Turgeon

Ph.D.  CEO, The Phoenix Network

Natasha Day

Speech Language Pathologist

M.A., M.CI.Sc. SLP(C )

Reg.CASLPO 6057

Suzanne Kingsley

Director, Client Services 

Teresa Kelly

B.A., M.Ed., (Counselling) C.C.C.

Registered Psychotherapist 

Mia Pascoe

Director, SIL & Satellite Programs

Louise Melbourne

Director, Finance

David Turgeon

Director, Business Development

B.A., B.Sc. Business Administration

Our Pet Therapist

Pet Therapist,  R.U.F.F., 

Registered Understanding Friendly Fellow

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